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The Young Grand Master

Published On: January 25, 2022 , Updated on : January 29, 2022

We the Indians introduced chess to the world and provided our ability in managing the situations of labyrinth subtlety. Our ancient Gurukul as were the workshops for unveiling the complexities of life.
We can not help recollecting our Vedic mastery if we see the dire moves in chess by master G. Raghava Krishna Vedanta of class VI of Gurukul Vijayawada.
The erstwhile boy who participated in Krishna district chess association under 15 tournament and bagged silver medal in the district level.
If Vedanta the 12 year boy can win such envious achievement at this age we can imagine what he could bring for our school and for our country in the future if he is trained well in future.
By keeping this goal in the mind we create him a wide opportunity for him to expand his caliber in Gurukul.

He is no doubt can create history in the golden chapters of Gurukul Vijayawada
Winning a chess competition is not an easy task it demands a lot concentration, quick in action, presence of mind and many more. That is why we don’t have so many masters in this field. In Gurukul we believe that these qualities can be acquired through a well disciplined life, we can conquer our mind through meditation and yoga. Here children at the tender age are trained to center their mind in such a way that one can achieve greatness in any field. Raghava Krishna Vedanta is trained well in our natural campus to tackle any situation that the field of chess demands.
He is given wise advice by the sages and we keep him away from the dreary clouds of pessimism His parents are such a wonderful people who always encourage him well and always ready to go in hand in hand with the Gurukul’s schedule and strategy.

Talent only cannot bring victory but it requires some more elements like blessings, luck, prayers and many more in our school whoever the participant is they are blessed by Bhagwan and Pujya Swamiji before participating in any competition that is why they often come with victory.
Now, Raghava Krishna is our Viswanathan Anand of our campus. He has many followers and he became a center of attraction for many chess lovers of our campus. He will be trained more and more until he become unquestionable in the field of chess. Yesterday we had many. Today Raghava Krishna Vedanth and tomorrow many are on the way. Yes, in the winning track.
So literally and functionally Gurukul remains a heavenly place for children to showcase their talent.
On this occasion we wish Master Raghava Krishna Vedanta all the best for a successful future.