First Bhumipuja of Gurukul Bangalore

Published On: March 13, 2003 , Updated on : February 13, 2024

The First Bhumipuja of Gurukul Bangalore was conducted with the divine presence of Pujya Bade Swami Shri Devprasaadasji Swamiji along with Pujya Krushnacharancdasji Swamiji, Pujya Shukvallabhdasji Swamiji, Pujya Nityaswarupdasji Swamiji, and Pujya Vishvamangaldasji Swamiji.

Along with them are Mr. Kendall (Former owner of the land), Sri Amubhai Rukhana, Sri Mahesbhai Ruparel, and Sri Manishbhai Ruparel.

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