Gurukul Expo 2020 – Gulbarga

Published On: March 12, 2020

Let us share you all about how we celebrated Gurukul Expo- 2020. It was the best academic festival of this year. The most awaited program of every year. As you all know that Gurukul always stands unique in transforming the lives of the students through Vidya, Sadvidya, and Brahmavidya.

Gurukul Expo was one such theme through which Gurukul is transforming the lives of students in the field of vidya. It was celebrated on 23rd Feb 2020 on Sunday and was inaugurated by the pious hands of HDH Shri Devprasadasji Swamiji who is the head of South zone branches of ‘Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul International School’ along with the chief guest of the program Mr. Laxminarayan Hebbar who is the head of District Science center Kalburgi.

Gurukul Expo gave an immense opportunity for the students of class LKG to IX Std. it was the best platform to showcase their skill & talent.  All the students worked hard and prepared working modals, charts, their projects. The students made on the subjects Science, Math’s, Social, Hindi, Kannada, English, and Computer.

children won the heart of DevprasadDasji Swamiji, Krishna Charan Dasji Swamiji, other saints, parents, and the chief guest of the Gurukul Expo Mr. Laxminarayan Hebbar with their excellent presentation skills.

They were enjoying and were surprised by seeing the projects made by the students and their explanation. The head of science center Kalburgi expressed that Gurukul Expo – 2020 was a nice concept and a very good platform for the young minds to come up very strong in academics.

He also shared that “Instead of playing games in the mobile, students have worked hard on their projects”. The head of the science center said “I had visited too many schools in Gulbarga for various events but this school culture, atmosphere, and students’ approach has touched my heart. He also conveyed that “I am very thankful to Gurukul Gulbarga for inviting me for such a spectacular program”.

He also said that like these programs must be conducted in all the organizations so that the students can improve their speaking skills. The children of the Gurukul has shown more interest in their projects and their speaking skill was very good. It also helped the students in understanding the concept because if they can understand then they can teach others and children should come up with a good smile and good skills which is done by the Gulbarga gurukul.

He also congratulated all the students, teachers, principle and the organization for organizing such a program.

The principle of the school also joined the program with coordinators to listen to the information delivered by the students. There were many projects displayed in that some were working models as well as other projects (projects such as a hexagon made from cardboard, etc.…) which were very attractive for the parents as well as teachers.

Gurukul Expo has given ample of opportunity to come up with many unique projects such as volcanoes, sedimentation process, and decantation process, etc… These projects were praised by all the saints, guests, parents, and teachers. These blessings and the appreciation made students feel proud of their talent.

In this regard, Gurukul has contributed one shining star to our nation as a scientist named Mr. Akshay Chougule. When he too was a given a chance to exhibit his project and started thinking deeply about the given topic which led him to be confident about the subject and the study. This opportunity boosted him to think out of the box. He has become a modal to all the students.

Mr. Akshay Chougule made a project on “DIGITAL ATM” when he was studying in Gurukul Gulbarga. He was praised for his excellent idea, presentation and thought process by all his teachers. This inspiration led him to be “the young scientist of India”.

Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul believes in transforming children, who will shape the future world. It transforms the lives of students with the unique value framework of Vidya, Sadvidya & Brahmavidya.

Vidya :

Vidya stands for Modern Education, which develops the values like Leadership, creativity, knowledge, curiosity, and dynamism amongst other values within the students.

Sadvidya :

Sadvidya Stands for Traditional education, which develops values like gratitude, integrity, non-violence, empathy and breaking down bad habits within the students.

Brahmavidya :

Brahmavidya stands for spiritual education, which develops the values like faith in God, devotion to God, deep affection with saints, non-attachment, self-realization, and God-realization within the students.

Join this noble mission of “Transforming Life, Transforming World” as a Student, Teacher, Parent, Employee, Volunteer, Member or a Devotee.