Lokarpan of Mysore Gurukul

Published On: March 10, 2023

“Gurukul system is essential to inculcate values in students”

India has always held its pride in a rich tradition in the area of education, learning new things and exploring new ideas since ancient times. Conspicuously, one can find in the pages of History of India where it is well known that people from other nations such as Europe, the Middle East, and Portugal came to India to get a quality education. One of the famous educational systems practiced in India in ancient times was The Gurukul System. The Gurukul system was more prevalent in those days and still it is prevalent in the present era for the post-modern world. Guru shishya Tradition can never fade from the pages as long as the country holds this system. The deliberations of the Gurukul system were to impart learning to the students in natural surroundings where the students learn with each other with brotherhood, humanity, love, and discipline. Not only these but also rendering activities such as yoga, meditation, and mantra chanting generated positivity and peace of mind and made the pupils fit. It is astonishing to see how unfortunately the above concepts have disappeared despite the modern technical Education system brought to India. There is hope in our country through many great leaders who said and preferred the Gurukul system of education in India. Among them, Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul International school Mysore, it is observed, has been eminent in building values in children.

Honourable Governor of Karnataka Sri Thawar Chand Gehlot @Gurukul Mysore

The LOKARPAN (school building opening ceremony) was held on 19th February 2023, The Governor of Karnataka Sri. Thawar Chand Gehlot ji inaugurated and addressed the gathering in the holy presence of a mentor, and guide of the Gurukul organization Pujya sadguru DevprasadDasji Swamiji.

Pujya Satsang Priyadas Swamiji, head of the Mysore Gurukul, welcomed the guest of honours. The Governor observed that there is a keen intellect among children these days and spirituality within. He said that Gurukul is at the forefront of moulding zeal in children. Everyone was very pleased with his gracious presence.


Gurukul – Transforming Life

It was an auspicious day where many rites were conducted to inaugurate and open the building to the modern world. It was 4 ‘o’clock in the evening when the program initiated the invocation. Thawar Chand Gehlot, the honourable Governor arrived and addressed the student’s parents and staff where he said, ” Gurukul system has taken the biggest step in the world and transforming itself to the peak of excellent” Saints welcomed the honourable governor with “Chanting Veda mantra along with PoornaKumba” as per Indian tradition.


Value of Spirituality

Meanwhile, the seer of Shree Ramakrishna Mut, Shree Mukthidanandaji Swamiji spoke about spiritual education and its importance. Mysore Gurukul was blessed with the divine presence of Swami Vivekananda, likewise, the mega event was a boon for all of us.


 No values – No Balance

 Sadguru Shree Devprasaddasji Swamiji of Shree Swaminarayan gurukul was the chief guest. Swamiji said, invariably, education is prevailing in every corner of the country but the absence of values was his concern. So, he said that the deliberation of Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul is to retrieve the values and instill a keen intellect among children.

Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul International School provides Vidya (Modern Education), Savidya (Traditional Education), and Brahmavidya (Spiritual Education). All students participated in this mega event. Children rocked on the stage. Meanwhile, M.L.A of Pandavapura Region Sri Puttaraju addressed the gathering that the Importance of school, and the struggle behind the Gurukul Mysore, and also said that to elevate one’s life, Gurukul school is essential.  


Cultural Events – to explore the culture

A drama was enacted to show how Gurukul school plays a conspicuous role in transforming life within. A mime represented the good habits that make life happiest. Many children were into the play. The guests of honour, parents, and all, by observing the drama, felt happy and they obliged the school motifs.


 The holy presence of 25+ saints

  Reverend Krishnacharan Swamiji, Nithyaswaroop Swamiji, Tirthswaroop Swamiji, Harivallabhdas Swamiji, and more than 25 saints witnessed the mega Event.

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