Ideal of Integrity from Ghela Koli from Loya

Published On: April 6, 2021 , Updated on : May 8, 2021

Do you wish to stay strong with Honesty & Integrity towards Dharm even in tough times then stay into this blog till the END!!

Long back ago the Saurashtra region of Gujarat (IN) was facing the worst famine which had ever been faced in its history. The conditions over there were so bad that one could not even get a work of labor.

People living in the region used to hardly get a single meal, where the land was completely dried, no water at all, everyone were just hoping & praying God to see better days come into their life.

In such a feminine region there lived a staunch devotee of Bhagwan Swaminarayan named Ghela koli from Loya village who used to regularly perform Pooja, follow panch vartman & all the spiritual niyam very strongly.
Being into the feminine region, Ghela Koli and his wife decided to go to Surat in search of work so that they can earn some money and survive in this famine.


It was not the time that people had cars, bikes with them, they had only bullock carts & horses for traveling, while Ghela koli being financially poor had nothing, thus both of them started their journey towards surat by walk.
They had a pooja bag, pairs of clothes, little food & whatever money they had with them.
Days passed and now this journey became horrible.
Both of them were chanting the name of Bhagwan Swaminarayan all the way to surat.

Ghela Koli was far ahead whereas his wife was lacking back just because of tiredness.

On the way suddenly, Ghela Koli’s foot was hit by a hard substance, being almost tired & by the hit of this hard substance Ghela koli bent down out of pain. 

The moment he bent to see what that hard substance was, to his surprise it was a glittering golden bracelet.

He was quite surprised seeing this golden bracelet laying on the path like this. He then thought about who might be the owner of it.

He looked all around but found no one, there a thought clicked into his mind that this is a test from my beloved God Bhagwan Swaminarayan.

He then remembered the command of Bhagwan Swaminarayan written in Shikshapatri (shlok – 17)


स्तेनकर्म न कर्तव्यं धर्मार्थमपि केनचित् ।

सस्वामिकाष्ठपुष्पादि न ग्राह्यं तदनाज्ञया ॥


My followers shall never commit theft, even for the sake of religious purpose & objects such as firewood, flowers, etc. owned by others shall never be taken without their permission.”


Ghela Kholi taught how can I break this command & the promise made to my guru just for my boldly comfort.

Isn’t it a tempting test given by God?
Just imagine you are riding a bike or on a walk & you come across someone’s wallet, mobile…or anything costly laying on the path.
What will you do?
How will you respond to such a situation?
The answer for this might be different for all of us, but let’s see How a staunch devotee Ghela koli responded to such a situation.


Ghela koli did something unimaginable, he saw all around but it was a solitary path except his wife.

Using that Golden bracelet it would be possible to easily pass through this feminine but although facing tough times, being poor he did not take the bracelet. As he was aware of Panch vartaman & the command of Bhagwan Swaminarayan of not taking anything that does not belong to oneself.
Ghela Koli was not at all attracted to this golden bracelet, knowing his wife was at a distance behind him.
Ghela Koli thought that if my wife would spot this bracelet she would get attracted to it thus he sat down & took the sand and covered the Golden bracelet with it.

Let’s not forget that “The Real faith rolls out only in difficulties.”

Ghela koli further continued his journey towards surat, after passing a long way, both Ghela koli & his wife out of tiredness sat under a tree.
Ghela Koli’s wife asked, What were you doing by sitting down on the way back?
Ghela Koli thought that there was no harm in telling the truth.
With boldness, he said I had covered a Gold bracelet by pouring sand onto it, so that you wouldn’t get attracted to it & use it into this feminine.

However, the understanding of his wife was even better than his.
She asked: Why have you poured dust onto other dust?
She said after realizing Bhagwan Swaminarayan, other’s wealth is just like dust for me.

Hearing the answer of his wife, Ghela koli was spellbound. Thereafter both of them headed & reached surat.
By the grace of Bhagwan Swaminarayan finally, they got their livelihood.

Such understanding had been there even in the illiterate women disciples of Bhagwan Swaminarayan.
This charitra shows us how deeply Dharma & Integrity was instilled even in the heart of such illiterate women.

Now you may have a question: How can one develop the highest level of integrity, honesty in Dharma even at the bad time?
Let me put a question before you:
Tell me can you perform well in the exam, sports, or any test of your life without any advance preparation?
The answer will be Obviously Nooo

Similarly, If we want to pass the test of bad times, then we just have to get prepared well in advance because “Today’s preparation determines tomorrow’s achievement.”


So what we have to prepare today is still a question?

The preparation is that we have to make a strong resolution that in future even in the difficult times I will never compromise with Panch vartman and the commands of shikshapatri.
So, let’s make a strong resolution like Ghela koli & stay strong with it and become a staunch devotee of Bhagwan Swaminarayan.


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