Life Changing Habits : Have Right Company

Published On: June 3, 2020 , Updated on : October 10, 2020

Painting of GOD in MAN & DEVIL in MAN

Many Years ago, there was a great painter, He was so ambitious to make UNIQUE PAINTINGS in the world. People used to buy his paintings in millions of rupees. One day he thought to paint such picture which can reflect the glimpse of God, He decided to make a picture of “GOD IN MAN”. He started to find out such person who can be a reference for this painting, GOD IN MAN

He travelled through many villages, cities, He saw so many people, youngsters, but he couldn’t see that divinity, innocence, merciful glow like God on his face. One day he saw a Young boy around 16 years old, who was such beautiful & charming like God, his nature, his face was reflecting that divinity & merci on his face. This painter met to him & requested him to help him make this painting. That Young boy was so innocent & lovely, he said YES Sure why not what I have to do ? Painter said, Nothing please come with me & just sit for an hour in front of me so that I can paint the picture, God In man


Finally that boy sat before the painter & painter drew a great sketch of that Boy & prepared a his dream painting, GOD IN MAN. That picture was sold in millions of rupee.This painting made people to see the GLIMPSE of GOD in this picture, everybody were amazed by seeing this picture.After 10 years again he thought that I have sketched the painting of GOD IN MAN but now I want to present the painting of DEVIL IN MAN

So once again he started to search for the right REFERENCE PERSON for this painting, DEVIL IN MAN.He saw many people who are cruel & violent but also saw the humanity somewhere on their face so he was noit finding the perfect match for the DEVIL LOOK Person. One day he saw a person worse than the devil, such cruel, merciless, violent, addicted & will all sort of immorality. he met that person & said, can you help me to prepare a painting ? Anyway he agreed

That devil-like person set before a painter & painter began to sketch the picture of DEVIL IN MAN. While he was painting a picture on canvas, he saw different expressions on the face of that devil-like person. He saw the feeling of REGRET on his face & soon that Devil-like person began to cry. Painter shocked, he came near and he asked I am sorry, what happened ? Did I make any mistake ? I am sorry ! Anyway he consoled & made him fine

Then that devil-like person said, I am the same person, same person whom you selected for GOD IN MAN & today you selected me for DEVIL IN MAN. Oh my God ! painter surprised like anything. But how did it happen ? Then he said, due to bad friends, I slipped in addiction of smoking, drugs & alcohol & then adultery & then everything that’s BAD. I lost study & then career so became a thief & then murderer. Today I am here at this miserable life because of BAD FRIENDSHIP

Dear Friends,
Can you tell me Why a DIVINE PERSON turned into a DEVIL Person ?What was the reason ? Isn’t this incident relative to our lives ? Many Times we see children, they are good & positive in their childhood, but when they grow up they turn bad in Youth, they turn negative, get addicted to alcohol, drugs, smoking etc.

Did you ever think why it happens so ?The ROOT CAUSE is their BAD FRIENDSHIP, BAD COMPANY

Dear Friend,
Let me remind you that in this world there are many kinds of people, but do you know what makes them so ? There are 2 life-changing factors which influences our life positively & negatively.They are FOOD & FRIENDSHIP. FOR RIGHT FOOD we discussed in our last blog.Today we will discuss on RIGHT FRIENDSHIP, RIGHT COMPANY in our life

Arjun & Karn

Dear Friends,
In Mahabharat there were 2 GREAT WARRIORS. Arjun & Karn, Both were the START WARRIORS, STAR ARCHERS. But one became Winner & another became Loser. One utilized his skills to protect dharm & another utilized his skill to protect Adharm. One fought for Lord Krishna, another fought against Lord Krishna. Can you tell me what made them so ?

They were having the similar skills.What directed their SKILLS ?


Dear Friend,
You also are born with the great potential like Arjun, to do something extraordinary but finally the SUCCESS of your potential depends on your FRIENDSHIP & COMPANY


Generally people think that friendship is to stay together, be together And let me clarify the important thing about friendship that it’s is not only about whom you STAY with, it’s about whom you follow, whom you ATTACH with For right friendship it’s not necessary to stay together physically but to stay together mentally and emotionally. Arjun was not staying with Lord Krishna, he used to live in Hastinapur, Delhi & lord Krishna in Dwarka in Gujarat, though Arjun was following Lord Krishna, Arjun was attached with Lord Krishna

Of course we should stay with the good friends but the core Friendship is about the ATTACHMENT & AFFECTION Our attachment with Good or bad Friends affects our thoughts, our habits, our attitudes. The influence of friendship is Like Corona Infected person

Physical touch but Emotional touch, Mental Touch Automatically his thoughts, ideas, emotions will get transmitted to your life. If you attach with Good friend, his good thoughts, attitudes, qualities will transmitted to your life

If you attach with bad friend, his bad thoughts attitudes and qualities will transmitted to your life. Whom you ATTACH with will determine what kinds of thoughts, Habits & Attitude you will have in your Life

Dear Friends, Do you know how friendship takes place in our lives ?

There are many NATURAL REASONS which makes Friendship with others

These are the natural reasons for friendship, but always REMEMBER that these are not the REASONS to follow them, get attached with them. You have to UTILIZE your freedom to choose your friends, RIGHT FRIENDS. Remember our FRIENDS can determine our FUTURE. When somebody help you or favor you, before you get overwhelmed try to understand his INTENTION that why is he helping me, what could be his INTENTION ? Karn couldn’t identify the selfish Intention of Duryodhan when Duryodhan PRAISED Karn in front of everybody.

Because Everybody likes SELF-PRAISE, it’s the SWEETEST SWEET in the World. Did you ever notice ? When we Enjoy the taste of Sweet, our eyes get closed ?Similarly when somebody PRAISES us in front of people our eyes of knowledge will get closed & then we can’t see & understand the Intention of a person who is praising us. And afterwards we will have to become a VICTIM of their Selfishness like Karn


TAKE SOME TIME to make your FRIENDS, Be friendly with RAISING FRIENDS not with PRAISING Friends 

How can we identify the GOOD or BAD FRIENDS ?


चोरपापिव्यसनिनां सङ्ग: पाखण्डिनां तथा

कामिनां कर्तव्यो जनवञ्चनकर्मणाम्‌ ।।२७।।

One shall not keep company of thieves, sinners, addicts, hypocrites, promiscuous and alchemists who cheat people by their tricks. (27) Write the names of such friends who matches the following characteristics & give up their friendship. CHECK YOUR FRIENDS. AVOID The COMPANY of Below People like CORONA VIRUS. They are DANGEROUS like CORONA VIRUS – They can kill you SANSKAR, your SPIRITUALITY, your VIRTUES etc.

So be Away & Safe from CORONA FRIENDS



Now pause the video, write the names of such friends, such people around you. Just Identify them & stay away from them but don’t expose them tomorrow that you are cheater so I don’t be with you. Don’t create ENEMIES unnecessarily. Just avoid their company that’s it. Anyway we understood the BAD FRIENDS now finally who is called a true friend ?

Who are called TRUE FRIENDS ?

Generally people say that Friend in NEED is a FRIEND INDEED, but it’s not 100% true. Because sometimes bad friends will help you IN NEED & thereafter they will take the advantage of that help, they may fulfil their selfish intentions Like how Duryodhan helped Karn to fulfill his selfish desires. But today I will tell you the perfect DEFINITION of a TRUE FRIEND which is said by Bhagwan Swaminarayan In Vachanamrutam



“Afterall, a true friend is one who tells you something for your betterment even at the cost of displeasing you. This is the characteristic of a true friend” Vachanamrutam (Gadhada Last Chapter, 21) : 


Choose such friend,Who stops you from going on the WRONG PATH by even hurting you is a TRUE FRIEND

One who cares your Life, who cares your Success, your Progress, your Sanskar is called a true friend. Lord Krishna was such a RAISING friend of Arjun who stopped Arjun from the wrong path by even hurting him. Lord Krishna scolded Arjun in Battlefield, said as…

क्लैब्यं मा स्म गमः पार्थ नैततत्त्वय्युपपद्यते क्षुद्रं हृदयदौर्बल्यं त्यक्त्वोत्तिष्ठ परन्तप

Parth ! Don’t be COWARD like EUNUCH, it doesn’t befit to you, give up this weakness & stand up for the fight. (Bhagwad Gita, 2-3)

Lord Krishna Stopped Arjun from the wrong choice by hurting him And nobody requested Lord krishna to drive the chariot of Arjun but to make Arjun Victorious he himself drove the chariot of Arjun & guided him at each & every moment. Lord Krishna is the PERFECT EXAMPLE of a RIGHT FRIEND, RAISING FRIEND

Dear Friend, Mahabharat war is not over 5000 years ago.Today also Mahabharat War is ON. This is the age of Technology, age of Media, Mobile & Internet There are so many sources online which can spoil your life, your Character.Today you have to fight with the WORLDLY ATTRACTIONS & DISTRACTIONS. My question to you is. Did you CHOOSE a RAISING FRIEND in your Life ? Did you find a RAISING FRIEND like Lord Krishna in your life, who can guide you at each & every moment to fight with Worldly Attractions & Distractions ? And don’t forget, If you will not choose right friends in your life then wrong friends are guaranteed to be in your life

Dear Friends, After watching this video, write the name of any such 2 persons who can help you to live a Victorious Life like ArjunThey could be your good Friends, elders, uncles, parents or Swamiji also, with whom you can share your problems, you can take the decisions of your life & future, Such 2 persons who can understand you & guide you in a RIGHT MANNER And when you meet them, you can share your feelings & say, that if I do anything wrong please stop me & guide me for the better life

One more important SUBMISSION from Gurukul that Whenever you feel alone, depressed in your life, the door of Gurukul is always open for you, Swamiji’s support & guidance will be always with you Don’t forget Gurukul is FOR the Gurukulites, BY the Gurukulites & OF the Gurukulites Let’s have RAISING friends like Lord Krishna in our Life & let’s be Victorious like Arjun

Thank You, Jay Swaminarayan