Life Changing Habits : Invest Your Time

Published On: June 3, 2020 , Updated on : October 10, 2020


Powerful Lesson from Mahabharat – Arjun Manytimes, Our Elder Swamiji Sadguru Shri Devprasaddasji Swami explains different lessons from Mahabharat.Today I would like to say one of the powerful lesson from Mahabharat.

In Mahabharat, We know after the gambling, Pandava got 12 years of Vanvas & 1 year of Agyatvas. They went to jungle.Now what to do ? How to spend time ? What to do for these 13 years ? Just to ROAM here & there ?But Pandava were so wise, by the advise of Bhagwan Ved Vyas, they decided to INVEST their time into TRAINING & LEARNING

Among them, Arjun went to Himalaya & performed a hard penance to please lord Shiv & got Pashupatastra, a most powerful weapon. Later he pleased Indradev & went to Heaven also & learnt & acquired the divine weapons from Indradev also During this time of 13 years of exile, he acquired many powerful weapons, he sharpened his archery skill


There was a condition that in 13th year of Agnat Vas if Panadva get exposed, they have to go for another exile of 13 years. So in 13th year of Agnatvas, Duryodhan got the hints that they are in Virat Kingdom To expose Pandava, Duryodhan attacked on the Virat Kingdom with the huge army of Hastinapur Not from one side but from both sides, the army of Virat went to one side to fight but who will go another side to defend the army of Hastinapur ?

So, to protect Virat Kingdom, Arjun went to alone to fight with the whole Hastinapur Army.After 13 years this was the bigger battle. In this battle, one side ocean like army of Hastinapur & on another side alone Arjun.There were all the undefeatable warriors like Bhishmpitamah, Draunacharya, Karn, Ashwatthama etc.

But alone Arjun fought with all mighty warriors like Bhishm pitamah, Draunacharya, Krupacharya, karn Arjun alone defeated these all warriors & whole Army of Hastinapur with his amazing Archary & powerful weapons. It was the great VICTORY & mighty BOUNCE BACK of Arjun

How could Arjun win the giant battle of virat just alone ?Because Arjun has Invested his 12 Years Training & improving himself. Today my question to you is that are you WASTING your time or INVESTING your time ?Are you preparing yourself to overcome tomorrow’s Challenges ?

During this 13 years, Arjun would have enjoyed the beauty of nature, he would have enjoy roaming in the beautiful mountains, landscapes & rivers but he didn’t. He made a CONSCIOUS CHOICE to INVEST his time to IMPROVE himself, to EXCEL himself. And that is why he won the giant battle of Virat just alone

Dear Friends,
If you want to win the battle of your life, if you want to become a winner like Arjun then ask this question to yourself. Are you WASTING your time in just playing video games & in entertainment or INVESTING your time for learning & improving your skills like Arjun ? Today’s video session is not just about Utilizing the Time it’s about INVESTING the Time
Everybody has 24 hours – PM also has the 24 hours, poor also has same 24 hours. Richman also has the 24 hours, Beggars also has same 24 hours
Clever Students – Dull Students

Within the same 24 hours…Few becomes genius whereas few remains average and dull
Few becomes winner whereas few becomes loser, Few does extraordinary work whereas few does ordinary average works

Everybody has equal time of 24 hours. Can you tell me what makes the difference ? How do you USE your 24 hours makes the difference. If you sow a seed today it will give you countless fruits in future.If you invest money in Business you earn more money in the future Similarly,If you invest your time for Learning now, you can make earning in future If you invest time to improve your self, you can prove yourself in future How do you USE your time NOW will determine your future

So my dear Friends, finally it’s your choice To INVEST your time or to WASTE your Time
To USE your time or LOSE your time. Choice is yours & your matters a lot

But Generally people say that “we don’t have time”
They say we have so many works to do, we don’t have time for Learning & improvement.If we give time for learning then when we do our work, how can we earn money ?

Actually People show this excuse, those who are wasting their time somewhere in the unnecessary activities. Otherwise no boy show any excuses for playing Video games, watching Movies & all, because there they have Interest

If you WANT anything at any cost you get time from anywhere. Just Question is do you WANT it at any cost ? If answer is Yes, then you will get time from anywhere Narendra Modi
Did he ever show excuse that I don’t have time

Shastriji Maharaj : Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai 1975

Shastriji Maharaj used to say to the saints at his last age that “I never wasted a single minute of time without seva & devotion of God” He utilized his each & every minute, can you imagine ?If you will do self-analysis of your whole day, you will come to know how much time we are wasting !

Shastriji Maharaj learnt by heart all 18 chapters of shrimad Bhagwad Gita within 18 days along with his busy schedule Satsang Katha. Swamiji had learnt by heart 3000+ Sanskrit Shlokas of various scriptures & 1000+ kirtans
Shastriji Maharaj did 11 CR Mantrajap of Swaminarayan Mahamantra within 10 Years along with all the seva & satsang activities.Along with this he taken number of innovative new initiatives to advance the Mission of Bhagwan Swaminarayan over the globe

How did it happen ?Just CONDITION is “Do you WANT it at ANY COST ? If Yes then you get time from anywhere And, do you know which is the biggest DEFECT of wasting time ? While wasting Time nobody will realize this defect but afterwards he will realize the value of Time What’s that DEFECT ? It’s REGRET If you will not study well NOW, if you will not improve the skills NOW & waste time in unnecessary activities then you will have to regret in future

Many graduates are roaming in the society with the RESUMES & begging for the job, but not getting Job, why ? Because they didn’t INVEST time for the learning & improvement
If you don’t want to CRY & REGRET afterwards like them, then INVEST YOUR TIME IN LEARNING right from NOW


Take a Notepad & keep writing these all important points.

What to do during this LEARNING TIME ? Learn & Improve 2 things which basically causes success & failure in our life




So, My Dear Friends, Finally, let’s develop a habit of Investing our time for LEARNING & IMPROVEMENT & become a winner like Arjun

Thank you, Jay Swaminarayan


Invest Your Time for Learning & Improvement