Mahapuja & Padharamani at Gadwal, Gurukulites Home

Published On: December 17, 2019 , Updated on : February 4, 2020


It is believed that Seva & Service to True Swamijis is on par with Seva & Service to Supreme Godhead Almighty!

Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul & its family members who includes Swamijis, Gurukulites, Staff, Parents, Devotees, Committee Members & every human being who has the servitude to serve in the Mission of Gurukul & Bhagawan Swaminarayan has the Pleasing Nature to share every Pain & Happy note with Parenthood & Divine hood of our Beloved Saints.

Our Swamijis left everything in their Life to serve in the Mission of Bhagawan Swaminarayan who is the Incarnator of all Incarnations on this Earth.

Swamijis Hearts are Pure, their Love & Affection has no Partiality, their Divine Blessings has Tonnes of Positive Energies, their living life style is a Role-Model for Humanity, Spirituality & Simplicity.

They pray for Supreme Godhead Almighty for our Development & Growth, they relieve us from Pain to Pleasure, from Hell to Heaven, from Materialistic to Aesthetic, from Gold-Minded to God-Minded & they live & love for Humanity & Human Beings & then who takes care of Swamijis!?

GOD takes care of them! Swamijis live for God & God exists for them all the time in all the ways!



Our Gurukulites do Observe Swamijis Pure & Auster life from very close. Our Children & Parents knew that they don’t require any formalities & VIP procedures to meet them in anyways.

Recently Mater Akshar Sakhi, of class 9th with MID AC5948 Who is a Residence of Jogulamba Gadwal district (Undivided Mahabubnagar) has humbly requested for Padharamani along with his Parents & also request for Mahapuja at their Rice Mill during Dussehra Vacation.

With the Blessings of HH Sadguru Devprasaddasji Swamiji, PP Shukvallabhdasji Swamiji & other Brahmanista Swamijis had agreed & really felt very Happy & Joy for their Love & Concern!

On 22nd OCT, 2019 Swamijis Blessed Master Akshar Sakhi’s Wish & Performed Swaminarayan Mahapuja which is Equal to Performing Sudarshan Yagna. Swamijis had Blessed everyone of his Family Members who had visited the Mahapuja & Later on PP Shukvallabhdasji Swamiji had Blessed  everyone with Divine Talks & Guided them to walk on the path of Bhakti & Dharma which alone can protect us from anything & everything. Swamiji had also wished that they have to leave the habits like Smoking, Drinking Alcohol, Addiction to tobacco etc which will distracts us from the path of Bhakti & Dharma.

Harivandandasji Swamiji had made everyone overwhelmed by addressing & blessing in Telugu! Swamiji had preached on the difference between Human & other Animals? Importance of this Human Life! Made a very clear note on Relationships are more important than Real-estates! Sanskar is more important than Status! Likewise, Swamiji had Blessed them during Satsang hour.



PP Shukvallabh Swamiji had made the children present on the day to take an oath to do Pranam to Parents, Grandparents & Elders daily & Swamiji had Extended his Heartful Love & Joy with Master Akshar Sakhi’s Father, Grandfather, all his Family Members & Relatives present on the day.

Master Akshar Sakhi’s Parents explored their tonnes of Gratitudes to all Swamijis for Shaping their Child with Great Values & Sanskar along with Great Education. Fortunately, today his Parents & Grandparents are witnessing the difference between the Gurukul Children & other Children!

All his Family Members had extended their Heartful Thanks to PP Swamijis & Bhagatjis for Making their Day with Many Blessings & pleased that their Request had fulfilled & extended their Heartful Invitation for Satsang at Jogulamba Gadwal for Every Month!

May Supreme Godhead Bhagawan Swaminarayan, HH Gurudev Devkrushnadasji Swami, HH Sadguru Devprasaddasji Swami & all Brahmanista Swamijis Shower their Bliss & Blessings to Master Akshar Sakhi & His Family Members to lead a Happy, Prosperous, Healthy & Value Based Moral Life Forever!

All Gurukul Family Members Wishes the Whole Family of Master Akshar Sakhi that they are Blessed on this rare Auspicious Occasion!