Never Take Help From Vali and Duryodhan

Published On: January 19, 2023

Bhagwan Shree Ram always followed Dharma in his life, and he didn’t do anything that is against dharma. Then why did he secretly kill Vali under a conspiracy? This is a question that arises in the mind of Vali and many people like me and you.

The answer to this was given by Shree Ram himself to Vali and the whole world, in Kishkindha Kand of Ramayan.


Winning the winner

In the 14th year of exile, when Ravan kidnapped Sitaji, Bhagwan Shri Ram and Lakshmanji were looking for Sitaji in all directions. Then they met Hanumanji.

 He took Shree Ram to mountain Rishyamuk. There they met Sugriv and befriended him. Sugriv told Shree Ram about the injustice done by his brother Vali. Because of one misunderstanding, How he threw away him and didn’t give his wife Ruma to him. Shree Ram got ready to kill Vali after listening to him. Sugriva also promised to support Shree Ram with himself and his army to find Mother Sitaji. 

Shree Ram asked Sugriva to challenge Vali and fight with him. Sugriva goes to Kishkindha and challenges Vali to fight. Vali hears his challenge and comes to fight with him.

There was a fierce battle going on between the two, then Shree Ram secretly from the bushes, fired an arrow at Vali. Due to this, he fell on the earth, and they all went to see him.

Shree Ram had fired secretly because he got one boon from Brahmaji that if someone comes in front of him to fight with him then that person’s half energy will go to Vali and he won’t be defeatable.

After shooting an arrow at Vali, Shree Ram reached there to meet him. Vali told Sugriva that – “Who has attacked me secretly?” 

Shree Ram said that he had attacked him. Vali asked Shriram that – “Why did you do this, is it not against religion to attack secretly? If you have told me about your wife, I will find her wherever she may. I am so powerful that when Ravan tried to kill me, I held Ravan and pressed him in my armpit for six months. And that Ravan was kept hanging up like a Toy in the cradle of my son Angad, with whom he used to play in his childhood.”

He will hand over Sitaji to me Because Ravana does not even have the status to stand in front of me, if he had known that I had gone out in search of Sita, he would come and given Sitaji to me. To defeat Ravana is a few minute’s games for me. then why did you do this injustice to me ??? ” 

Shree Ram said – I shouldn’t take the help of a Ravan to defeat another Ravan. what is the difference between you and Ravan??? He kidnapped Sita, you kidnapped Ruma.”

“I have become a friend of Sugriv and the enemy of my friend is also my enemy. I have promised to help Sugriv and we Raghuvanshis are famous for fulfilling our promises even by giving our life.”

your younger brother Sugriv is like a son to you and with him you misbehaved, and you also took your brother’s wife. It is the duty of the elder brother to forgive the mistakes of his younger brother like a father, not to expel him from the state and be eager to kill him. You did a lot of injustice to your brother Sugriv, all this is against religion. And you are asking me about religion, about injustice ???

After listening to Shree Ram’s statement, Vali regretted his actions and apologized to both. At the same time, his son Angad came there and Vali asked him to stay with his uncle and serve him. By saying this, Vali died.

After this Shree Ram made Sugriva the king of Kishkindha. Sugriva got back his wife Ruma. Angad, the son of Vali, was declared the prince of Kishkindha.

Sugriva and his army started searching for Mother Sita in all directions.

 So, when the death of a person comes then only the thought of religion, justice and morality comes but he does not think even once in his own life, whatever injustice he may do to others.

And if Shree Ram would have taken the help of Vali then indirectly Vali’s actions would also have been justified by Shri Ram. Whatever adharma and injustice he has done, all would have been right. Which is never acceptable to the glory of Bhagwan Shree ram.


Burden of Gratitude 

The friendship of Karna and Duryodhan is one of the most startling tales in the saga of Mahabharat. Those who know even a little about Mahabharat, know that it is much more than just a war between the clans of Maharaj Shantanu.

After finishing education at Guru Dronacharya’s ashram, all Pandavas and Kauravas came Back to Hastinapura. Like the modern World’s graduation day, a competition was held called “Rangbhoomi“. It was for five Pandavas and a hundred Kauravas to come forward and show their strength, skills, and might.

After a few performances, the crowd was roaring with cheer and wanted to see their favorite and most awaited performance of a superhuman – the archery of Arjun

So, now the time comes when the greatest warrior in history is ready to show his skills to everyone. He shows the such skill that everyone’s eyes were left wide open with wonder. Dronacharya declared him the best Archer in the history of mankind. 

However, in this roar of cheer and excitement, a feeling of competency awoke in the mind of Karna. He thought he could easily match and even up Arjun’s skills if given a chance. 

Karna comes in front of Arjun and tells Dronacharya Don’t declare too soon, I am still alive”. He challenged Arjun to beat him. 

An astonished crowd wanted to see how powerful the person could match the brilliant Arjun and that too in Archery. The challenge was received well by Arjun but Dronacharya was skeptical. He asked Karna who he is and which kingdom he belongs to. Karna was silenced as he knew that if he told the truth, he would not be given a chance to participate.

Duryodhan saw all this and was very keen to see who is so powerful that he can claim to defeat Arjun. Realizing the cause of Karna’s silence, Duryodhan came forward and announced him as the King of Anga, a small province that was under the rule and care of Duryodhan. He also claimed that Karna was no ordinary person and he is the best friend of him, which is why he should be allowed to participate in the competition. Dronacharya refused that he cannot allow Karna to participate as he is from a lower caste.

Duryodhan was a very intelligent person. He was well aware of the relationship between Kauravas and Pandavas. Deep in mind, he was thinking that whenever there will be any dispute between Kauravas and Pandavas, Karna will be the game changer. He will be his prime ally in his machinations against the Pandavas.

Although Karna did not get the chance to show his skills, he was touched by the nobleness of Duryodhan who gave him a province without knowing anything about him. He asked Duryodhan what he wanted in return to which Duryodhan replied that he just wanted Karna to be his loyal and faithful friend.

After this incident, some of the main relations of the Mahabharat were established, such as a strong friendship between Duryodhan and Karna, intense rivalry between Karna and Arjun, and disharmony between the Pandavas and Karna.

Karna and Duryodhana are often depicted as friends, but their power imbalance is too large for friendship to develop. Karna sees Duryodhana as his benefactor and his king, and himself as more of a slave. Duryodhana considers Karna nothing more than a pawn with which to destroy the Pandavas.

One favor of Duryodhan was enough to make Karna a  lifelong slave. Every time Karna was aware that he was with adharma, yet he could not support dharma. He knowingly became a participant in the immorality, sin, misconduct, and mischief of Duryodhan against all Pandavas. Because he was buried under the burden of Duryodhana’s single favor.

He was so much buried that after knowing that he is the son of Kunti and the eldest brother of Pandavas he couldn’t favor his brothers, the Pandavas. Forget the right side or wrong side, even after knowing the relationship with his own younger brother Arjun, He was getting impatient to kill him.



So, these two stories give us a lesson that whatever circumstances may but never take help from a person like Vali and Duryodhan. And if you want to take then be ready to pay its price, your life will finish, but their beneficence won’t finish.

Moreover, you also will be characterless, wicked, wrong, and adharmi like them.

If you want to live a spiritual life, a moral life, an independent life, and a happy life, then never get help from people like Duryodhan and Vali.